Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tie Hair to Tighten Relationship

Photo: unbelievable. it took me 10 minutes to tie . not bad , right ? One day, i took my time to tie my daughter's hair, with special effort. Perhaps we can call it double layer? Although it is very weird for a father to tie hair for daughter. However, while tying hair, i realized that it is a good time for me to talk to my daughter properly. Why? Because this is the best time where my daughter can't move, hahaha. Most of the time, i can't talk very long because she will walk here and walk there and going around doing her own things. Thus, while tying her hair, i started to talk softly and of course, like a papa who always talk in a movie, " ah chien ya ah chien, do you know this and should do this and not do that because of .....bla bla bla."

You know what, after tying her hair, she hugged me. And for the whole day, wherever i brought her, she will hold my hand and stay so close with me. So, "FATHERS" , you know what to do next time? Yes, trust me. Tying hair for daughter will definitely tighten our relationship with her. Why?Don't believe? Try it, and you will know.
( Thanks to my wife for taking vacation for one week so i can expand my potential .... :)  and by the way, it is not an easy job to tie hair, practice make perfect !! )

Happy Father's Day

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